28 ESOMAR questions

iVOX Ukraine: Our responses to 28 ESOMAR questions about online sampling

1. iVOX Ukraine is the subsidiary by iVOX group (Belgium). The group has started its activity in providing good quality samples for quantitative surveys in 2004, in Western Europe. The same activity in Ukraine has started in 2008. Throughout these years we have provided thousands of good quality samples for both: the partners (marketing research agencies) and the end customers. In particular, in Ukraine we have realized 350 online sampling projects.

marketing research Ukraine2. About 90% of the provided samples by iVOX Ukraine are built at the base of our proprietary online panel of respondents, built for market research purpose only. The rest 10% of the samples use such sources as partner market research panels and clientele databases provided by our customers themselves.
3. 98% of our samples are single sourced (i.e., for instance only own online panel by iVOX or only the customer’s clientele address base). For the rest 2% following authenticity control measures applied: e-mail address (default automatic control), IP-address, the unique set of technical attributes of the respondent’s PC.

4. The own online panel of respondents by iVOX Ukraine is used solely for market research. In the rare cases when we have to employ the partner online panels in our projects we only cooperate with panels who declare the same approach. The clientele address bases of our customers cannot be recognized as research-only aimed ones. Therefore in such type of project, the questionnaire and analytics tools have to be adjusted so that they fit to the scope and objectives of the study, with regard to the sample source limitations.
5. The hardly reachable over internet groups are thoroughly pre-studied at the planning stage of the survey (feasibility check). In case we are not able to guarantee the group/ the quota to the customer, we do not commit the projects. For example, the people younger than 16 y.o. are not surveyed by iVOX Ukraine (however in some cases may be studied via their parents with regard to the project methodology).
6. It is our strict policy to notify the customer when we plan or intend to employ the sample/ part of the sample based on other source than proprietary online panel of iVOX. We necessarily inform  the customer upon the quantity of respondents and the exact source of the sample (name of the panel), its qualities.

studying consumer behavior

7. The sample structure is always agreed with the customer before the project starts.  iVOX or customer themselves may provide the population statistics to set up quota targets. To achieve representative sample vs. studied general entity (e.i. general population or other) we use: 1) quota as to deliver the sample structure in accordance with the target and: 2) random selection of the invited respondents within each quota cell.
8. No “survey router” is employed by iVOX Ukraine. Respondents are invited and directed to each survey independently from other projects. Never self-initiation of respondent for either survey is used by iVOX.
9. Not applicable. No survey router is employed.
10. Not applicable. No survey router is employed.
11. Not applicable. No survey router is employed.
12. At the stage of registration in our panel all respondents mandatory complete the survey upon their main socio demographic attributes (gender, age, geography etc.), in total 30+ variables. All these variables are used for pre-targeting of the respondents for each particular sample.
13. The only form of invitation for a survey respondent to take part in survey by iVOX Ukraine is a personal e-mail invitation, with unique personal link to the questionnaire. The invitation clearly states length of interview and remuneration for the participants (participation in prize raffle). The topic of the survey is communicated in very general way, with no detail (such as concrete product category and name of the brand). For example: “we invite you to take part in the survey dedicated to various foods and beverages” .


The winner of the online poll14. iVOX uses raffle of valuable prizes as the form of material motivation of the respondents for all quantitative studies upon our online panel. Disregarding of topic and length of interview. For qualitative studies this approach may vary (guaranteed prizes / incentives may be provided), dependent on the target group and complexity of the survey.
15. As to provide an accurate estimate of feasibility using iVOX own online panel we need from the customer following info: clear indication of the target group (including the incidence rate in high complexity cases), desired/ preferred sample size, length of interview.
16. iVOX measures respondent’s satisfaction of participation in our surveys once per year, with no regard to each particular project. Customers may obtain the result of such measurement in generalized form (with no breakdown by respondent and by concrete project).
17. The full detailed sample collection report (gross sample, start rate, participation rate, drop-out rate, the invitation/contact text etc.) is available for all customers on their demand.

Testing satisfaction of respondents


18. Before finalization of data collection stage is done, the project manager makes preliminary download of the data set. The completeness of all quota cells  is  checked. Then interview quality check is provided. The data are controlled on speed of filling, overuse of item non-response – including open-ended and close-ended questions and results of “validating” questions. If after such clearance the sample / quota cells are not full, the data collection continues until the target result.
19. Formally, there is no restriction upon frequency of contacting the person (respondent in iVOX online panel) upon participation in our surveys. In fact we control this factor. It’s very rarely when either panelist is invited into our surveys more frequently than twice per month.
20. iVOX controls frequency of participation of each respondent in the surveys. Now for iVOX Ukraine panel it is on average 3,6 cases per year (all kinds of survey) and never more frequent than once per month for each panelist. It is regularly controlled for each respondent ID via our integrated online panel management system Socratos.
21. We maintain and analyze history of participation of each respondent in our surveys (including their responses that may be used in future as the validation basis for similar questions of interview). The period of data storage includes the total time since each panelist has joined the online panel, with no limitation period.
22. There is no personal confirmation of respondent identity procedure in iVOX panel. The respondent  authenticity control  is based on the following: 1) the socio demographic attributes of each respondent in the interview are verified vs. ones filled in the registration procedure. Any discrepancy leads to the interview clearance out; 2) the respondents do nor posses relevant information about the survey as to “adjust” their responses to what they are “expected” to fill in; 3) the respondents do not have enough motivation to spoil their responses (including screening questions) as they are not paid regularly for the complete interview.
23.Opt-in for market research” procedure in iVOX Ukraine online panel consists of: 1) conscious participation of the respondent in the panel registration process; 2) voluntary and conscious confirmation by the respondent before his/her data is put into the panel database (so called double opt-in); voluntary acceptance of invitation to either survey (except the panel registration which is mandatory for joining the panel).
24. The link to “Privacy policy” for respondents by iVOX Ukraine:  .
Kindly notice that according to the local legislation (Ukraine) the online panel of iVOX Ukraine is not subject to “Personal data collection and storage regulation”.
25. Reliability of storage of the survey data (including the panel registration data of the respondents) is secured by long term credible third party service provider Multiscope http://www.multiscope.nl  (Netherlands) specialized in such type of services. Their clients are the respectable market researchers (aside of iVOX):  Forrester, GFK,  SSI/GMI etc.
26. There is the clear notice by iVOX to our customers / potential customers that there is no 100% guarantee that the “sensitive” information and materials shown to respondents during the online survey, are kept fully confidential.

Guarantee high quality

27. iVOX Ukraine is not yet certified by either official quality certification system.
28. iVOX Ukraine thoroughly follows all the rules and recommendations of ESOMAR. We do not conduct surveys directly with children (people under 16 y.o.).

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