Our advantages

Efficiency of research.


high speed marketing research

Our market research agency uses the latest software and techniques in the field of online polls and surveys. Our main tool for online research is Socratos software, the best and the most functional software for online surveys. Our methodology and techniques are used in marketing research over decades in commercial projects in Western Europe and Latin America, and are beeing improved each year. Preparation of  research typically takes from 1 to 2.5 days.

High-quality market research Ukraine

Easy to order market research.

The only thing our clients we require is the task that need to be solved by research. We will not waste your time! We will prepare a comprehensive report according to your requirements: an array of data, tabular report, top lines, analytical presentation, “live performance” of the conclusions and recommendations.

Questionnaire design for the online survey

All the necessary tools and resources are ready to be used: standardized methods and questionnaires, analytical tools, an online panel of respondents, software for online surveys. A minimum of formalities, comfortable and “friendly” customer service.

Optimize your costs.

We reduce your costs and expenses.

Online market research in Ukraine

The  iVOX company uses the unique approach to the remuneration of the respondents. Instead of the “all-embracing” participation fee, we follow the principle of “lottery”.  The international market research agency iVOX Ukraine has made marketing research more accessible and attractive to customers. The average budget of a research project iVOX Ukraine (quantitative survey) is about 950.00 Euros.

The quality of research.

The  iVOX Ukraine company guarantees high quality of research. Representation in Ukraine is a subsidiary of the research team iVOX (Belgium). Since 2004, our company conducts market, sociological and political researches throughout Europe. Ukraine has launched investigations since 2009.

European Society of Marketing Research Professionals

The research is strictly provided under the standards and recommendations of the ESOMAR Online market research. The company iVOX is a member of the European Society of market research and public opinion, and uses recognized and proven technologies and methods of research in Western Europe, Latin America and the United States.


Our expertise:

  • test of the marketing communications (at different stages of their status);
  • testing of new products design and the relationship to the ingredients;
  • measurement of customer loyalty to brands;
  • estimation of the price elasticity of the market;
  • measurement of the impact of advertising and promotional campaigns.

In Ukraine, we had more than 300 market research in the period 2009-2012. Our services are used by the most popular and successful companies of Ukraine. Strong and Professional Customers rely iVOX Ukraine.

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