All of the research products that we offer to our Customers are based on the following core businesses:
1. Wide functionality and honed technique of using the Socratos software for quantitative surveys;
2. iVOX Ukraine’s online research panel of respondents;
3. A set of innovative integrated solutions for the qualitative (online focus groups) and quantitative research methods, created by iVOX;
4. The accumulated experience and methodologies in conducting consumer’s studies.

Marketing research services in Ukraine

AdHoc – quantitative studies of target groups “to order”

  • An online panel is an excellent tool for qualitative research AdHoc – one-time and rolling (monitoring, tracking) projects;
  • The overall size of iVOX Ukraine panel allows us to study “general” audiences as well as quite narrow and specific ones;
  • According to Client’s needs, iVOX constructs the questionnaire, programs, gathers data, performs technical and statistical data processing, and provides deep analytics, conclusions and recommendations.

AdHoc research-based online panel iVOX allows, for example:

  • Testing of advertisement and packing designs;
  • Testing product concepts and brands;
  • Studying of Target Audiences and purchase motivations;
  • Price sensitivity of the market and other types of research.

Market Research. Graphs Online Polls



“Online Omnibus” from iVOX is the possibility of holding a mini-study for the Client. The essence of the project: conduction of a regular consumer study on the demand of the group of Clients. The Clients divide the costs of conducting survey with each other in proportion to the amount of the information received. Ideally suitable for the tasks when the Client needs to get information from consumers on a small range of issues quickly.

Online survey

“Omnibus” from IVOX:

  • The sample size N=1000 respondents is based on the iVOX online panel, representative for the Internet users in Ukraine on geography, gender and age (16-59 years);
  • Monthly waves (data collection is the last week of the month, the results are within 3-7 days after the end of the “field” phase);
  • Several surveys from several participants in one study (each receives a report on their questions);
  • The format of the data: SPSS dataset, Excel frequency tables, cross-tables (survey questions and socio-demographic parameters).

omnibus. online survey

The research of sitese competitiveness 

The research of sitese competitiveness -  is the program of evaluation of Internet sites and portals, and also studying of trends of Internet usage in Ukraine. «The research of sitese competitiveness » is a study of Ukrainian Internet users with the main purpose to get an evaluation of websites from their visitors on a set of criteria. The project is unique for Ukraine because it allows site visitors to express their opinion on the design, content, usability, and many other parameters and allows a website as a participant, first of all, to obtain an objective analysis of their activities from their own audience. Also, the objectives of the project are:

  • Whom visitors  find your direct competitors?
  • Net  Promoter  Score
  • How visitors  get to your website and  your competitor’s site?
  • Who are your visitors? – An online profile.
  • Measurement of socio-demographic portrait of the visitors;
  • A comparative analysis of web sites in the main categories (finance, media, sports, etc.)
  • Analysis of Internet usage trends.

Site participants will receive detailed quarterly reports on the results of the survey and analysis that helps to increase popularity of the sites. Trends in the behavior of Internet users in the network are also regularly being examined, based on the iVOX Ukraine panel of respondents. The research of sitese competitiveness project is held in an ongoing basis, so we invite websites that trend towards constant development to join the project.


The study of customer satisfaction of the Client

The study of customer satisfaction of the Client is research conducted by IVOX Ukraine among your current or potential customers. Usually, the Client provides the target customer database to us. Our added value is the following:

  • A professional, attractive and comfortable design of the questionnaire;
  • Honed wording of questions, care for the administration of the study;
  • Improving the speed and level of participation in the survey by the customers;
  • Data processing and analysis of your survey.

 Sociological online surveys

Interactive sociological surveys

Interactive sociological projects are complex projects, in addition to the study, which also include PR, direct marketing, collection and analysis of the data on customer satisfaction and loyalty, etc.

  • The respondent has the opportunity not only to fill out the questionnaire, but also to compare themselves to the average for his or her group;
  • Combines sociological (economic sentiment and political trends), and marketing questions;
  • «The research part» of the collected data is fully representative of the online population.